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Bios Santorini by The Noverian Hotels emerges as a unique, vegan oasis in the heart of Santorini, pioneering a new era of sustainable luxury and authentic island living.

Vegan Hotel
Vegan Hotel

Explore our stanning Santorini hotel through captivating images.
Feel the hospitality of The Noverian Bios in Santorini.

Uncover Noverian Bios Inner Peace

The Noverian Bios is an architectural ode to traditional Cycladic techniques, integrating sustainable materials like stone and wood into its very essence. This philosophy extends to our luxurious rooms and suites, which are adorned with locally sourced materials and lush greenery, epitomizing eco-friendly accommodation.

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    Embrace the spirit of Santorini with our curated activities and exclusive offerings, designed to create unforgettable moments.

    Vegan Hotel

    Savor plant-based interpretations of traditional Santorinian dishes in our exclusive vegan restaurant.

    Vegan Hotel

    Discover Santorini’s hidden gems on guided tours, blending local culture with breathtaking scenery.

    Vegan Hotel
    wine tasting

    Experience the unique flavors of Santorini’s organic and vegan wines in our specially curated tastings.